What Is Maximum Audible Limitation?

- Jul 03, 2018-

Under the action of strong sound level, the human ear will feel uncomfortable and even painful. The upper limit of the sound pressure level that everyone can tolerate has a lot to do with the experience of exposure under strong sound. The person who has not experienced the process sound exposure, the limit is about for people who are 125 decibels, and often in a strong sound environment, the limit can be as high as 135 to 140 decibels. Usually, the sound pressure level is around 120, people will feel uncomfortable; 130 decibels will have itchy feeling in the ear; when it reaches 140 decibels, it will feel pain in the ear; when the sound pressure level continues to rise, it will cause bleeding in the ear. Even the hearing mechanism is damaged. To protect your ears, you must try to avoid long-term exposure under excessive sound levels, so that the ears work together.



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