What Is Main Speaker?

- Jul 18, 2018-

The role of the main speaker is to play the sound to the audience, give the listener enough sound pressure, and provide the true, clear, full, undistorted sound to the audience.

The main speaker should have the characteristics of high power, wide frequency band and high sound pressure level. In order to effectively control the radiation of sound waves, high-frequency loudspeakers use horn loudspeakers with strong directivity, and some mid-range loudspeakers for outdoor sound reinforcement also use horn type. There are two main types of main speaker systems: one is a full-band speaker for a small sound reinforcement system, consisting of a horn-type treble and a mid-bass cone speaker, and a sound reinforcement system consisting of high, medium, and low-unit speakers. The other form is a sound reinforcement system composed of speakers made up of independent frequency bands. The electronic crossover network is used to separately amplify each frequency band, and some high-pitched and mid-woofer speakers are integrated into a single speaker and independent subwoofer. The speaker is used in combination.



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