What Is Main Microphone Recording Method?

- Jul 13, 2018-

In order to achieve greater clarity than single-point recording or to achieve a better balance of sound sources with poor natural balance, several auxiliary reinforced microphones are added.

Recording conditions:

(1) The level relationship between the main microphone and the auxiliary enhanced microphone is mainly based on the main microphone, that is, it can only be larger than but not equal to, and cannot be less than the level of the auxiliary enhanced microphone. That is to say: the main microphone serves as the main recording task, and the auxiliary reinforcement microphone is only used to make up for the shortage of the individual parts of the sound source. In stereo, the auxiliary enhanced microphone acts as a clear and stable sound image.

(2) The main microphone should use a microphone with higher sensitivity.

(3) In the placement of the microphone, pay attention to assisting to strengthen the excessive overlap of the direction angles between the microphones to avoid unbalanced levels of the sound source.

(4) In the stereo master microphone recording method, it should also be noted that the sound image of the main microphone and the auxiliary enhanced microphone must match.

(5) Using two auxiliary reinforcement microphones placed at the two end points of the main microphone width positioning, the sound width of the main microphone recording can be stabilized and accurate.



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