What Is Magnetic Steel?

- Jul 18, 2018-

The magnetic strength of the magnetic steel affects the control strength of the diaphragm, and the magnetic strength is related to the size of the magnetic steel and the magnitude of the magnetic density. This is evident in the woofer in the speaker. In the case of the same magnetic density, the size of the magnetic steel determines the magnetic strength and determines the control power. Magnetic density is related to magnetization time and magnetization materials, and some rare metal alloys tend to provide much greater magnetic strength under the same magnet size conditions. Some people say that the weight of the speaker is too light, because the size of the magnet greatly affects the net weight of the speaker. In the case of non-use special magnet materials, too small magnetic steel is often the crux of poor bass. However, the excessively large magnetic steel has another drawback, that is, it is easy to break during transportation, and the basin frame is deformed, so manufacturers generally seldom use exaggerated magnetic steel.



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