What Is M/S System?

- Aug 06, 2018-

The M/S system is also a system that uses coincident sound pairs. But the two microphones used in it are heart-shaped, the main direction is directly in front, called M microphone, and the other is only 8-shaped, placed horizontally, and the main direction is aligned with the left and right sides, called S microphone.

The letter M of the M microphone has a double meaning. One is the middle microphone, which means the direction it is aligned to; the other is Mono, because the signal picked up by the M/S system is actually used for mono-compatible playback. Only the M signal is played back, and the S signal is discarded. Therefore M/S compatibility is excellent.

The letter S of the S microphone also has a double meaning. One is the meaning of the Side microphone, indicating the direction of its alignment; the other is the stereo meaning that as long as this signal is added to the M signal, a complete stereo signal can be formed.



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