What Is Loudness Control?

- Aug 27, 2018-

Loudness control, also known as loudness equalization control, is a control method that is sensitive to the middle of the human ear and is relatively slow to the bass and treble. It does not work when the amplifier is turned on, but when the amplifier volume is off; the loudness control power automatically boosts the treble and bass of the signal to obtain the loudness frequency compensation. Since the human ear feels better for bass and treble when the volume is loud, and the bass and treble sensibility is poor when the volume is low, people will feel the high pitch when the volume is loud, and the treble bass is obviously insufficient when the volume is low. Loudness control is a kind of volume controller with compensation, which can compensate the difference of the auditory characteristics of the human ear at different volume levels. No matter the volume is turned on or off, the human ear hears the feeling that the loudness of the sound changes, and the tone is unchanged. .



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