What Is Lode?

- Aug 17, 2018-

In acoustic or wireless transmission technology, Lode specifically refers to the transmission of signals and the pickup mode of the microphone is not spherical or omnidirectional. In fact, Lode is a kind of directional polarity, and its shape is similar to two conical shapes. For example, a microphone with 8 radio modes actually contains two Lobes. They are located on both sides of the microphone. The heart-shaped pointing microphone also contains two Lodes, in which the front part of the radio is better than the rear part of the radio. Cardioid-pointing microphones typically contain only a large range of Lodes. Once you concentrate the emission of energy in a particular direction, this actually creates a Lode. Both wireless transmission systems and speaker systems have this feature. Most of the changes in Lode depend on the wavelength of the sound and the energy of the electromagnetic wave.



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