What Is Ionic Speaker?

- Sep 07, 2018-

In the normal state, the molecular weight of air is neutral and uncharged. However, after high-voltage discharge, it becomes charged particles, and this phenomenon is called dissociation. By using the audio voltage to vibrate the free air, sound waves are generated, which is the principle of the ionic speaker.

For ionization, a high frequency voltage of 20 MHz is applied, and the audio signal is superimposed thereon. The ionic speaker consists of a high frequency oscillating part, an audio signal modulating part, a discharge chamber and a horn. The discharge chamber adopts a quartz rod with a diameter of 8 mm at the center to open a quartz tube, and one electrode is inserted therein, and the other electrode is cylindrically sleeved on the outside of the quartz tube. Since the form of silent discharge is used, only the center needle electrode has loss, the center electrode can be replaced periodically.

The difference between an ion speaker and other speakers is that there is no diaphragm, so the transient characteristics and high frequency characteristics are good, but the structure is too complicated.



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