What Is Infrared Wireless Technology?

- Jul 25, 2018-

Infrared wireless technology is also divided into many types. In order to ensure sound quality, the integrated audio system often uses digital infrared transmission. The wireless transmitter has an infrared generator that modulates the sound in a digital signal to avoid signal interference at similar wavelengths. The receiving end converts the infrared modulated signal into a modulated electrical signal using a photosensor, and then separates the sound signal from the signal. Infrared is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between 750 nm and 1 mm. Its frequency is higher than that of microwave and lower than visible light. It is a kind of light that is invisible to human eyes. The advantage of the infrared wireless method is that the anti-interference ability is strong. The disadvantage is that it is complicated to obtain a high-quality infrared modulation signal circuit, and because the infrared wavelength is short, the light diffraction capability is poor, so the transmission distance of the infrared wireless technology is relatively short, and is sensitive to the obstacle.



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