What Is Infrared Wireless Technology?

- Jul 18, 2018-

Infrared wireless technology, in fact, everyone is no stranger; the remote control of various household appliances is a typical application. The biggest advantage of wireless infrared technology is that it has large bandwidth and even exceeds mainstream wireless technologies such as FM, Bluetooth and 2.4G. This means that audio products using infrared wireless technology can transmit large-capacity audio signals without compression, and the sound quality is more effective. Good; infrared is a light wave, except for strong light, there are few interferences that can affect the infrared wireless transmission work, and the stability is even more. However, the infrared wireless transmission technology has high requirements on directivity, and the angle will slightly deviate from the operation, and the infrared wireless transmission has higher requirements on the transmission power. For example, the infrared wireless earphone driven by the battery is poor in practicality; the transmission distance is short, generally They are all at a limit distance of about 10m.



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