What Is Infrared Wireless Conference System?

- Jul 18, 2018-

The infrared wireless conference system uses infrared light with a wavelength of 830~950nm (3.16~3.61x1014Hz) as the transmission medium. The infrared light has visible light transmission characteristics and cannot penetrate opaque objects, so the privacy of the conference is well guaranteed, and the infrared system is not protected. Radio interference, no interference between adjacent conference rooms, is very suitable for conference venue applications. The shortcomings of the infrared wireless conference system are mainly: the signal coverage of a single infrared transceiver is not large enough (the coverage radius is about 10 meters, the signal coverage can be increased by connecting multiple transceivers), and the infrared transceiver of a large conference site. The number and location of installations need to be calculated based on the physical environment of the site.

The infrared wireless conference system is divided into an analog infrared wireless conference system and a digital infrared wireless conference system. The analog infrared wireless conference system uses analog audio technology, and the sound quality can only achieve a frequency response of 200Hz~4.5KHz (-3dB) and a signal-to-noise ratio of about 50dB. The digital infrared wireless conference system adopts dirATC-digital infrared audio transmission and control technology, which has superior sound quality, and can reach 20Hz~20kHz (-3dB) frequency response and 80dB signal to noise ratio. It is an ideal wireless conference system solution. The digital infrared wireless conference system complies with the international standard IEC 61603-7 and is compatible with digital infrared simultaneous interpretation systems using the same international standards.



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