What Is High-frequency Sound Loss?

- Aug 24, 2018-

The high-frequency sound loss is a loss of the reproduced high-frequency sound due to mechanical structure or the like in the tape playback mode. Including (1) The loss of the acoustic head gap, the greater the gap of the head, the more the high-pitched loss. (2) Loss of sound interval, when the tape and the playback head are not in full contact and there is a gap, the residual magnetic lines of magnetic force recorded on the tape may not be fully coupled into the playback head, resulting in high frequency loss. (3) Azimuth loss of the head. When the slit length direction of the playback head is not perpendicular to the running direction of the tape, the playback head cannot be fully coupled with the residual magnetism recorded by the tape, resulting in high frequency loss. (4) Loss of the magnetic core of the magnetic head, the eddy current of the magnetic core will cause high-frequency energy loss, and the higher the frequency, the more serious the loss.



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