What Is Half Space?

- Jul 09, 2018-

When a speaker or other source device is placed in an open space, the emitted sound will travel in all directions (depending on the design of the speaker cabinet). When a sound source is placed opposite a solid barrier, such as a wall, the same energy is reflected back into the space by the barrier, or in the "half-field". This produces an effect of doubling the enhanced sound energy in the half field, with the volume increasing every 3 dB. This phenomenon is more pronounced in lower frequency sound signals. Place the stereo speakers on the opposite side of a wall, and in the listening field you will usually find the bass to be heavier. The treble has no obvious effect, because the treble is more directional, and the tweeter is placed in the front of the speaker cabinet, which operates in a half-field environment. On the other hand, low-frequency signals can pass through the narrow box of the speaker, but when they encounter walls (even the standard wall at home), more energy is reflected back into the room. Many speakers are pre-modulated in the production plant to produce this phenomenon.



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