What Is Growing Sound?

- Jul 18, 2018-

Growing Sound, also known as flat-panel speaker, is an ultra-thin speaker that is effectively combined with murals and speakers. It has good sound quality and strong decoration, and is favored by many consumers. In many karaoke rooms, conference rooms, and even homes, there are many cases in which speakers are placed on the wall.

1. The drive. It is the heart of a flat panel speaker. The main point of the driver design is that its effective stroke is very small, generally not more than 2m / m2; secondly, the voice coil part cannot be too heavy, otherwise the high frequency part will have more serious distortion. The design requires a light weight, a small volume, and a large magnetic force. Based on the above factors, the use of high-magnetic materials, the general magnetic flux density is greater than 10,000 Gauss, in order to have better performance. Sometimes in order to increase the output, two drivers or four drivers are used to increase the output sound pressure, and using multiple drivers, a better frequency response curve can be obtained, and the use of several drivers depends on the size of the diaphragm. And weight, the use of high-tech intelligent triggers, to ensure the high quality sound quality of the product, to ensure the safety of the use of the product.

2. Vibrating plate. Like a human vocal cord, it plays a decisive role in the sound, the size of the sound, and the flatness of the sound. Therefore, it plays an important role in the flat-panel speaker after the Exciter.

3. Suspension system. The vibration principle of the flat-panel speaker is completely different from that of the conventional horn. The conventional traditional speaker uses a piston-type vibration method; while the vibration of a flat-panel speaker uses a random vibration method, so its minimum resonance frequency is not only one point, but there are more than a dozen points, and a well-designed flat-panel speaker. There are even more than twenty points. Moreover, its driving point is not in the center, because the center is not able to obtain the maximum sound pressure and the smoothest frequency response curve, but the best position in the vibration of the section, plus a 1:9 ratio of four suspensions hanging points form a reasonable suspension system.

4. Back board. The design of the rear case must take into account the opening on the rear case to increase the diffraction of the sound waves, because the flat speaker is a wave type vibration. Similarly, the back side will produce the same sound pressure (only the phase is different), so there must be a window to increase the sound radiation, which will have better directivity, and will not be different sound effect because of the position of the listener.



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