What Is Gramophone?

- Jun 23, 2018-

Gramophone is the earliest device that can record and reproduce sound information. It is a device that mechanically reproduces the sound recorded on the disc. It was invented in 1877 by the famous American scientist and inventor Thomas Edison. The pickup consists of two parts. The rotating part of the original phonograph is driven by the spring of the ammunition spring, so that the horizontal disc and the record placed on it move at a uniform speed, and the rotational speed of the disc can be controlled by the governor. With a metal diaphragm on one end of the cartridge, you can hear the same sound as when it was filled. In order to make the film on the phonograph vibrate effectively and improve sound radiation efficiency, a horn should be connected behind the diaphragm. This kind of mechanical phonograph has a long history and is currently eliminated. It is the originator of modern record players and laser phonographs.



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