What Is Formant?

- Jun 22, 2018-

The formant is the part that has resonance in the harmonics and is enhanced. There are co-fixed positions in the spectrum, which play a vital role in the timbre of the instrument. It is also directly related to the intensity of pleasure, and the intensity is different. The number of peaks is different. There is only one formant when the same pitch is weakly played, and there may be three formants when it is strong, and there are obvious formants in the sounds of stringed, oboe, and brass instruments. The most typical and consonant is not, so people form formants, mouth, pharyngeal cavity, nasal cavity, chest, sinus and other parts can produce formants, the vowels of the language have formants, and consonants are not, so people put The formants are called “vowel colors” and describe the color of the vowel to the description of the instrument: the bright, open “A” vowel color is reflected on the violin, trumpet, and oboe; the tone of the big tube can be explained It is a vowel "0" formant color; the formant with a nasal sound is between 1.8 and 2KHz, which is the expression of the tone of the saxophone. Most instruments have several formants. The one with the largest amplitude is called the main formant and the others are the secondary formants. The compensation of formant components can correct and improve the sound of the sound, making the reproduced sound more realistic.



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