What Is FM Wireless Technology?

- Jul 25, 2018-

The principle of FM wireless technology and the working principle of the radio are relatively close, using FM (frequency modulation). However, the frequency modulation of the radio uses analog signals, and the distortion is relatively obvious. Most of the audio systems using FM wireless technology use digital methods. Simply put, the analog audio signal is converted into a digital signal by an AD converter, and then the signal is modulated and transmitted to the carrier. The receiving end receives the same frequency, converts it to an analog signal through a DA converter, and then amplifies the output to the speaker. The carrier is the center frequency of the wireless transmitter. FM modulation refers to controlling the frequency parameters of the carrier waveform with a sound signal, so that the carrier signal carries sound information.

FM radio technology is relatively mature, and the cost of implementation is relatively low. The disadvantage is that radio waves are susceptible to interference, and significant distortion occurs when there are radio waves with relatively close frequencies. In order to avoid this situation, the wireless FM carrier frequency of the audio is very high, far higher than the carrier frequency of the wireless broadcast. Some products can also manually set several different carrier frequencies to avoid interference between similar devices.



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