What Is FM Wireless Technology?

- Jul 18, 2018-

FM wireless technology, which is probably one of the most mature, widely used and lowest cost wireless technologies, the radio is the simplest FM wireless receiving device. The reason why the popularity is wide is because FM technology has many advantages: the transmission distance is far, the common product is up to twenty or thirty meters, and the distance can be increased after changing the transmission power and the sensitivity of the receiving antenna; the FM "broadcast" connection, as long as Adjusted to the same frequency, a transmitter can match multiple receivers, which is more suitable for the application of simultaneous translation equipment; FM technology has strong penetrating power and is more than enough for ordinary household users. The most fatal flaw of FM is that the confidentiality is not strong. The low-end 76-108 MHz FM signal can be captured by the radio, and the high-end 800 MHz microphone signal is also prone to harmonic interference. This is also the current 2.4G technology for cordless phones. In addition, due to the limitation of transmission bandwidth, FM wireless technology generally has poor sound quality, and the sampling rate of up to 22 kHz is equivalent to "radio sound quality"; FM wireless technology is highly susceptible to interference, crosstalk, etc., stability Poor and poor confidentiality.



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