What Is Flange Effect?

- Jun 21, 2018-

If the delay time of the shift effect is modulated, that is, the delay time changes according to a certain rule, the frequency characteristics of the comb filter will change with the modulation signal law, and the peak point frequency and the valley point frequency will be within a certain range. Change up and down. Carefully selecting the delay time and delay time variation laws not only allows the peak frequency interval and valley frequency interval to be equal to the spectral line intervals of the harmonics of the music, but also increases the odd harmonics of a particular transient by about 6dB. The wave attenuates; and at a later moment, the odd harmonics decay, and the even harmonic increases by about 6 decibels. With this reciprocating loop, the spectral structure of the music is constantly transformed. This effect is called the flange effect.



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