What Is Expander?

- Jun 23, 2018-

The expander is a device that expands the dynamics of the sound signal. When the signal is smaller than a certain value (threshold value), the gain is smaller, and when the signal is larger than the threshold, the gain is larger, so that the signal higher than the extended threshold value increases the gain, that is, the loudness signal is louder and the loudness is weaker. The signal is weaker, the dynamic range of the signal is increased, and the expander's expansion ratio is infinite compared to the moment the expander is a noise gate. The high-level expander is an expander for decompressing. When the signal is smaller than the threshold, the output is normal (the expansion ratio is 1:1). When the threshold is greater than the threshold, the signal is expanded, and the compressed signal recorded on the tape during recording can be recovered as the original signal. The low-level expander is when the input signal is less than the threshold, the input signal is extended, the relationship between the output signal and the input signal is maintained at 1: 1 when the input signal is less than the threshold, which is the normal output, and can be used with the compressor to reduce the acoustic The noise of the system improves the signal to noise ratio.



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