What Is Excursion?

- Jul 09, 2018-

In the audio field, movement is related to the movement of the speakers. Offset is the distance that the speaker moves back and forth (inside and outside) relative to its original position. Different types of speakers have been designed to accommodate different amounts of offset. Typically, low frequency or ultra-low frequency designed speakers have more offset than high frequency driven speakers. Speakers with more offsets also reduce the amplitude and sounds loose, so designers must find a suitable way to design, and pay attention to the cabinet and application when selecting the speakers. If the push speaker exceeds its limit, you may hear a “break of sound” when the sound roll hits the bottom of the magnet beyond the interval (due to moving inward) or slips out of the gap (due to outward movement). This is called excessive offset or "down to the lowest point" and usually causes a malfunction.



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