What Is Empty Paper Cone Speaker?

- Aug 27, 2018-

The empty paper cone speaker, also known as the passive radiant speaker, is another form of the inverted speaker. The speaker is equipped with an empty paper cone on the inverted phase hole. When the sounder cone is vibrated, the air pressure inside the box is the change of the empty paper cone is driven to generate vibration. At the resonant frequency of the speaker, the empty paper cone vibrates the most, generating strong in-phase field pressure radiation, enhancing the low-frequency radiation sound pressure of the speaker, and the air damping is also increased. Compared with the inverted speaker, the low frequency loss of the speaker is smaller than that of the general inverted phase hole, so the low frequency response is better, and the sound is softer and fuller. However, when the power is used, the large vibration of the empty paper cone will generate a large non-linear distortion and poor stability.



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