What Is Electronic Tube Power Amplifier?

- Jun 21, 2018-

Electronic tube power amplifier also known as a tube amplifier, it is a power amplifier that uses an electronic space agency (vacuum tube) as a signal amplifier. Features are dynamic range, power, linearity, soft, sweet, delicate, suitable for classical music style. Due to the characteristics of the electron tube itself, when the signal is too strong, it slowly enters the distorted state (ie, soft distortion) and is not easily perceived by the human ear. Even if the signal is distorted, it will excite occasional harmonics. These harmonics are not destructive to the sound quality. The disadvantages are: (1) The internal resistance is large and the damping coefficient is small, which affects the transient characteristics of the sound. (2) High-voltage power supply is required, and distortion may be introduced due to the use of a transformer. (3) Large size and high price.



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