What Is Electronic Music Synthesizer?

- Sep 04, 2018-

The electronic music synthesizer can be said to be an electronic musical instrument, but strictly speaking, it is a fully functional audio simulation device. Compared with the electronic piano, the shape function is quite different, and the usage method is not the same.

The main functions of the electronic music synthesizer are: a, can simulate the sound of various instruments; b, can synthesize some music that has never appeared before, can simulate the non-sound sound of nature (such as wind, rain, machine, animal sound); d. The sound signals of various instruments can be input into new sounds; e. Electronic music works can be produced separately or connected to a computer.

Electronic music synthesizer sound principle

The principle of sound generation of electronic music synthesizers has different functions according to different types of electronic music synthesizers (hereinafter referred to as synthesizers), but in terms of the principle of sounding, it is the same.

Any sound is determined by factors such as pitch (frequency), intensity (amplitude), length (time), tone (harmonic component and vocal process). A synthesizer is a line connection that uses various electronic components (such as an oscillator, a filter, an envelope generator, a noise generator, etc.) to change the components of the above factors and synthesize various acoustic effects. Players and composers should first understand the performance of various electronic components in order to master the synthesizer.

The main functions of the various components of the electronic music synthesizer:

1. Digitally controlled oscillator [DCO]: is the main source of sound for synthesizers. In this line system, it is connected to a waveform output circuit such as a triangular wave, a sawtooth wave, or a square wave (because the harmonic components of these three waves are the most abundant).

2. Voltage Control Filter [VCF]: It is an important unit for processing the external signal and the output signal of DCOs. It can be divided into three gears, namely high pass, low pass and band stop. The VCF can also self-oscillate, and the generated sine wave resonates with the input signal (waveform) to synthesize a new waveform.

3. Envelope Generator [ADSR (also known as EG)]: It is an important unit for simulating the sounding process of various sounds (tone and non-tone). The vocalization process is an important factor in the composition of the timbre. Changing the parameters of the vocal process changes the tone.



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