What Is Electromagnetic Interference?

- Jul 23, 2018-

Some high-powered instruments produce high-power harmonic emissions or electromagnetic fields during operation, especially at very close distances. These radio frequency energy will be concentrated on some circuits, causing some of the circuits of the wireless microphone receiver to be inoperable.

For example, switching power supplies, induction cookers, microwave ovens, and wireless charging all belong to the energy gathering of the energy field. In modern warfare, the principle of energy destruction is often used. For example, the latest microwave guns are used to destroy enemy electronic equipment, and communication equipment that often uses high-power directional antennas to interfere with each other is the principle.

These devices operate with electromagnetic energy accumulation on the surrounding circuits, so there may be more signal transmissions that may be interfered with. For example, audio signals, video signals, and wireless signals may be subject to interference, and even the microcontroller can be interfered. This is why cell phone signals and aeronautical communication signals are not in one frequency band and the use of telephones and some signal transmission equipment is still not allowed when flying.



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