What Is Electrical Level Test?

- Aug 22, 2018-

Electrical level testing is the most basic and simplest test in audio testing. In this test, you may need to test the output level, power, gain, etc. When testing, the level of the maximum undistorted (1%) is generally tested. In the test, the output of the product to be tested is connected to the load (according to the actual needs of the product to receive the corresponding load), and then the signal at both ends of the load is measured, the volume of the product to be tested is adjusted to the maximum, and then the signal amplitude is adjusted, and the signal is real-time on the instrument. Look at the magnitude of the signal distortion. When the distortion is 1%, this signal is the maximum undistorted signal. In the subsequent tests, the input level under this specific distortion is generally used as the excitation signal source. The frequency of the general test signal uses 1 kHz.

The gain is different in different products to be tested. If some products have the function of volume or tone adjustment, the gain of these products can be adjusted, so when testing, set the gain control as needed.

In the test, the gain of the test object is calculated based on the output level and the input level. Therefore, when testing the gain, it is necessary to use a so-called closed-loop test, that is, the excitation signal is provided by the instrument output, and the output level of the product is input to the audio analyzer for real-time analysis. This test is fast and accurate, and automated testing is easier to implement.



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