What Is EIA RS-426 Standard?

- Sep 12, 2018-

The Electronic Industries Association (EIA), as defined in the EIA RS-426 standard, adds a special test noise signal to the speaker. The noise signal has a spectral distribution that is closer to the actual program signal and lasts for 8 hours on the speaker. It also requires the speaker under test to withstand transient peaks four times higher than this noise power. Obviously, this is a very strict test of the mechanical structure and thermal performance of the speaker. The value obtained by this test may be lower than the value obtained by the sine wave method, but if the value is matched with the power amplifier, the speaker system is not easily destroyed. EV's products use EIA RS-426 as the standard method for testing the power capability of the speaker, and the power that can withstand 8 hours is called "long-term average power" or "noise power", and will be regarded as the power. The power is called "instantaneous power."



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