What Is Effective Working Distance?

- Jul 10, 2018-

Effective working distance refers to the maximum distance that a wireless microphone can transmit signals normally. Most of the parameters indicated on the general product are indicated in open or ideal conditions. Because the actual transmission distance of the wireless microphone is affected by the actual environment, it cannot be accurately marked. Only indicators in open or ideal conditions can provide references and can be compared to each other.

In fact, to measure the transmission capacity of the wireless microphone, it depends on the transmission power and the receiving sensitivity at the critical squelch. After the two indicators are converted into the same unit, the larger the difference is, the farther the effective working distance in the same environment. Combined with whether the receiver is diversity or not, it is possible to explicitly estimate and compare the effective transmission distances of different products. In general, the diversity receiver has a larger effective distance than the non-diversity receiver, and the mid-band diversity receiver is larger than the antenna diversity receiver.



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