What Is Effective Sound Pressure Level?

- Jul 11, 2018-

The "effective sound pressure level" means that the sound pressure (desired sound) at the listening position is higher than the sound pressure level of the non-target sound (unwanted sound) by about 15dB. For example, in the reference listening position, the non-target sound pressure level is 50dB, and then the target sound pressure level is at least 65dB, which is actually the masking effect of the sound. Just like listening to music at home, you may have experienced this kind of experience. The same volume, the deeper the night, the more you feel the sound is louder, not the volume is getting bigger, but the ambient noise is getting smaller.

The purpose of achieving an effective sound pressure level is to ensure that the desired sound is just apparently heard at the listening position. This is a reference for the volume adjustment of the sound reinforcement site.



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