What Is Drone Cone Enclosure?

- Jul 16, 2018-

The Drone Cone Enclosure is a branch of the bass reflex speaker, also known as the empty paper cone speaker. It was published by Olson and Preston in the United States in 1954. Its opening sound port is made up of a non-magnetic circuit. Replace with the empty cone of the voice coil (passive cone), the radiation generated by the vibration of the passive cone and the forward radiation of the speaker are in the same phase, and the composite sound is formed by the air in the box and the support of the passive cone. The mass of the passive cone forms resonance and enhances the bass. The main advantage of this kind of speaker is that it avoids the unstable sound generated by the sound hole, and can obtain good sound radiation effect even if the volume is not large, so the sensitivity is high, and the working vibration of the speaker can be effectively reduced. Small, the sound is clear and transparent.



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