What Is Downmix?

- Sep 25, 2018-

The purpose of downmix is to shrink the track you recorded to two tracks (stereo) or one track (single). This allows you to play on a traditional playback system such as a cassette or CD player. Traditionally, multitrack recorders are connected to a multi-channel mixer so that each track can be individually processed on the tuning panel. In other words, each output of the multitrack recorder is connected to each input channel of the mixer and merged from there to become a single stereo output. This stereo output can be connected to a master processor to record stereo signals. When merging many channels into two channels, the mixer also handles other important tasks, such as adjusting the frequency content of the instrument, commonly referred to as EQ. Add effects to the instrument, such as reverb, echo or chorus. Adjust the volume of each track to ensure that no separate instrument volume is too large or small.



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