What Is Dolby Pro Logic Surround Decoder?

- Jun 21, 2018-

The Dolby Pro Logic Surround Decoder is a device that decodes the 4–2–4 encoding technology invented by Dolby, and restores the encoded two-channel composite signal to pre-encoded four-channel stereo, producing a three-dimensional image. Space surround sound effects are divided into two types, passive and active. The passive decoder divides the partial signals of the surround sound to make up for the two front main channels. Active-type decoder (PRO-LOGIC) adopts direction-enhancement technology and adds a center channel to improve the sound field localization of wide sound field. Due to the use of advanced "active matrix decoding technology", the degree of sound separation and direction The sex has been greatly improved, and it can test the noise and control the level, self-control the balance of each channel, in order to meet the needs of different configurations, the center channel of the Pro Logic system has no "normal", "phantom" and The "broad" three options, its emergence, has marked the home theater surround sound system has matured.



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