What Is Dolby Noise Reduction System?

- Jun 21, 2018-

The Dolby Noise Reduction System is a dynamic noise reduction system. Its role is to compress - expand the dynamic range, and to dynamically enhance the low level signal to reduce noise. The two are interrelated. In the Dolby system's encoder, according to the input level of the low-level signal and the frequency increase effect (ie, dynamic boost), and then with the main channel signal, the signal compression can be achieved. In the decoding, the opposite dynamic expansion is done in the signal, restoring the original signal level, thereby eliminating the noise involved between the encoder and the decoder. The characteristics of the Dolby system are: Firstly, dynamic enhancement is performed on low-level signals. The lower the level is, the higher the relative increase is, and the signal-to-noise ratio of the low level is improved. The second is that the low-level signal is processed separately, and the main signal is transmitted through the linear path. Therefore, its quality is not affected by the circuit having a variable gain element. The third is the negative feedback effect (decoder), which reduces nonlinear distortion. The disadvantage is that the circuit is more complex and is only suitable for professional use.



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