What Is Dolby Headphone Technology?

- Jan 24, 2019-

Dolby headphones is a signal processing system that enables your stereo headphones to produce realistic sound effects from five speaker playback systems.

When you listen to a program using Dolby headphones, the sounds that were originally presented in front of you will be presented in front, and the sounds that were originally presented around you will appear around you. These sounds will no longer be concentrated in the center of your brain.

Dolby headphone technology allows you to enjoy multi-channel programming with traditional stereo headphones, such as Dolby Digital or Dolby Surround encoded movies, you can feel the shock, true surround Sound effects. You can also get more natural sound effects when listening to stereo programs such as CDs and MP3s. For any type of program, you can enjoy a long time without fatigue.

In fact, Dolby headphone technology can be applied to almost any product with a headphone jack, such as an audio product, a video product, or a video game product. You can use the Dolby headphone logo on the product to identify whether Dolby headset technology of the product is applied.



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