What Is Dolby Digital?

- Jul 03, 2018-

After the sound technology entered the 1980s, digital technology began to infiltrate. As the authoritative acoustic research organization, Dolby Laboratories predictively recognizes digital audio coding technology and will become the core of multi-channel audio technology. Therefore, it has pioneered the development of AC technology and introduced AC-1 codec scheme.

In October 1989, Dolby Laboratories introduced an AC-2 codec that is more advanced than AC-1 and is called Adaptive Transmission Coding (ATC, full name Adaptive Transfer Coding).

The AC-3 codec scheme uses a sensory coding system, which will be a special sound psychology knowledge, the latest research results of the human ear effect (by coding operation, the volume of the sound is relatively low and cannot be detected by the human ear. Partially deleted to improve compression ratio) is well combined with advanced digital signal processing technology to form "digital multi-channel audio processing technology", which we usually refer to as "Dolby Digital". Therefore, it can be said that only the AC-3 codec solution is a veritable Dolby Digital.



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