What Is Diversity Reception?

- Sep 12, 2018-

Since the wireless microphones are all frequency modulation technology, the working frequency band is in the V segment or the U segment, and the electric waves are transmitted in a straight line. When the obstacle is hit, it can only be reflected and cannot be diffracted. Therefore, shadows or dead angles will be generated, which will affect the use of the microphone (light sound, FM noise, etc.). In order to avoid this situation, in the higher-end wireless microphones, the diversity receiving technology is adopted, and the so-called diversity reception is a system needs to have the same two receiving devices. The signal from one transmitter is simultaneously added to the combiner by the two FM receivers after frequency discrimination and low frequency amplification. The combiner is actually a selector. Each of the moments selects a stronger received signal as an output signal, which can effectively improve the receiving effect.



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