What Is Diversity Reception?

- Aug 20, 2018-

Diversity reception means that the wireless microphone receiver can receive the same wireless microphone signal from two antennas, and select a stronger one signal through the internal circuit. This method can greatly eliminate the receiving dead zone, avoiding dumb sound or generating dead point noise. There are two other ways to receive diversity: antenna diversity and mid-range diversity.

In the antenna diversity mode, there are two receiving antennas, a set of control circuits and a set of receiving circuits. When the receiving signal is weak during operation, the control circuit automatically switches to use another antenna.

In the middle-distribution diversity mode, in addition to two antennas and one control circuit, there are two complete receiving circuits, which work at the same time, and are switched by the control circuit to output a better audio signal. This method is better than the former method because it tracks the strong signal at any time, but the circuit is complicated and the cost is high. This type of diversity is often referred to as double tuning, true diversity, and the like. Generally, in important occasions such as live performances and studios, it is necessary to use dual-tuned true diversity products to ensure that no dead spots occur within the practical operating distance.



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