What Is Directional Sound Technology?

- Jul 18, 2018-

Directional sound, as the name implies, means that the sound no longer spreads 360 degrees like a traditional speaker, but has a direction that transmits sound along a certain path.

There are three main types of directional sound technology:

(1) The sound-absorbing cover technology, which is the simplest, that is, a large hemispherical cover is placed on the high-frequency speaker, and the sound can be clearly heard under the sound-absorbing cover;

(2) It is a speaker array technology, which uses a large number of high-frequency horns to form an array to form a beam, and the beam direction is the highest energy in the direction of the main lobe;

(3) It is an audio-based directional propagation technology based on ultrasound. This method is to transmit the tone to the ultrasound. After encountering the interface, it uses the self-demodulation in the air to generate sound. This technique is reliable and effective.



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