What Is Direction-sense of Low frequency?

- Jul 18, 2018-

A typical speaker will give a parameter of the frequency response range, such as 20-20kHz, which is the lower frequency limit. The lower frequency limits of X.1 generally reach lower frequencies, so they have satellite boxes. Considering the actual situation of the user's desktop, most of the X.1 satellite boxes are miniaturized as much as possible. However, due to the limitation of the speaker aperture and the volume of the cabinet, the low frequency of the satellite box may not reach a desirable value. In many articles, there is a saying that it is difficult to hear the direction of the sound source. In fact, this statement is not correct. In fact, only the low frequency of less than 150Hz is difficult to hear the direction. A perfect design requires the low frequency of the satellite box. The lower limit is 150 Hz or even lower, and a miniaturized satellite box is difficult to achieve.

Speaker designers can only compromise this situation, or just let the fault fact exist, such as the satellite box dive to 250Hz, and the subwoofer's upper limit is set to 150Hz, so that the subwoofer can be placed more casually, but there is a 151 The depression of -249Hz segment, listening to some concerts is not tasteful, there is also a way to increase the upper limit frequency of the subwoofer to the low frequency lower limit frequency of the satellite box, so that the subwoofer emits a frequency greater than 150Hz, so the connection is solved, but Positioning has become a nuisance, because the bass is easy to hear the direction, not as the "subwoofer can be placed at will" as some articles say. Usually, only a 4-inch-diameter satellite box can reach the ideal low-frequency lower limit, but such a satellite box is too large and uncommon.



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