What Is Direct Sound?

- Jul 02, 2018-

Direct sound is the sound that comes directly from the sound source (ie the speaker) to the listener and is the main component of the sound. In the sound system, unprocessed sound signals are also known as direct sounds. During the propagation process, the direct sound is not affected by the indoor reflection interface. The distance from the sound source is doubled. The sound pressure level of the direct sound is attenuated by 6 decibels. The tone is very pure, but it sounds dry and the modern sound field design requirements make full use of the direct sound from the speakers, reasonable control of the reflected sound, speaker hanging is the best way to obtain direct sound. The conditions for obtaining the direct sound of the speaker in the listening area are: (1) all the speakers can be seen in the listening area; (2) the listening area is located in the area where all the speakers cross the radiation.



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