What Is Delay Time?

- Jul 02, 2018-

The delay time is the difference between the arrival and the arrival time of the same channel sound. In the room, the distance between the sound source and the reflecting surface is divided by the speed of sound to calculate the delay time after the sound is emitted. The short delay time (less than 50 milliseconds) is the early reflection sound effect, and the longer the time is the vibration echo. And echo effects. Some effects collectively refer to the pre-delay time before the early reflection sound and the entry time before the reverberation sound as the delay time, and not specifically the initial delay or the reverberation delay. The effect delay time is adjusted to a short time (less than 50 ms), the sound is approximately reverberant; between 50 ms and 0.2 seconds, the vibrato effect of different dither frequencies can be created, and when it is greater than 0.2 seconds, it is the echo interval time.



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