What Is Dbx Noise Reduction System?

- Jun 20, 2018-

The Dbx noise reduction system is a complementary noise reduction system that combines pre-emphasis features and full-band compression and expansion characteristics. The Dbx system also focuses on the dynamic range expansion, because the noise ratio has a close relationship with the dynamics, that is, the maximum undistorted signal. The ratio between the noise level and the noise level is the dynamic range, and the ratio of the nominal signal level to the noise level is the signal-to-noise ratio. Therefore, if the nominal signal level takes the maximum undistorted level, the signal-to-noise ratio equals the dynamic range, that is, to increase signal-to-noise ratio dramatically, we must expand the dynamic range. The Dbx system features:

(1) The whole frequency band from low frequency to high frequency band has noise reduction effect, and the amount of noise reduction is large. At the high frequency end, due to the effect of pre-emphasis, the effect of noise reduction is even more pronounced.

(2) Since the encoder attenuates and compresses the input signal larger than the rated value, the recording level is improved.

(3) Due to the use of a value detector, even if the signal bit is distorted, the detection level will not change, improving the system accuracy from the surface.

(4) Compression expansion to linear variation. Even if the level mismatch occurs during recording, the frequency characteristics will not deteriorate.

Currently, there are two types of Dbx systems, one for disc recording and the other for cassette recorders. The difference is that the dynamic compensation characteristics are slightly different.



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