What Is Constant Pressure Amplifier?

- Jun 21, 2018-

The output voltage does not change with the change of the load impedance, that is, the power amplifier of the output audio signal has a constant maximum voltage. Due to the use of deep negative feedback, the output voltage is very stable, and the output voltage of the amplifier connected to the load within the rated power range is much lower. The impact is small. In order to reduce the power loss of the transmission line in long-distance power transmission, an output transformer is required. The output voltage is mainly 60V, 90V, 120V, and 240V. The higher the voltage, the smaller the transmission line loss, but the intentional sound quality is not very good due to the use of output transformers. Excellent, generally used in multi-speaker speaker sound reinforcement systems, such as ceiling speakers for background music and cable broadcast systems. In use, the system must meet the following two conditions: (1) The speaker nominal voltage is less than the amplifier output voltage; (2) The sum of the power of all speakers is less than the power rating of the amplifier.



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