What Is Composite Microphone?

- Jun 22, 2018-

When the diaphragm is subjected to sound waves, the force is related to the sound pressure, and also related to the sound pressure difference. Both sides of the diaphragm are also affected by sound waves, but the acoustic conditions of the two surfaces are different, namely the sound added to the inner and outer surfaces of the diaphragm. Different pressure paths, they are not symmetrically in contact with my community. The composite receiving mode can be realized by two methods: electrical composite harmonic synthesis. Electro-composite can be seen as placing two directivity receivers close together, and the output voltages of the two are superimposed in series. Acoustic compound type is realized by using the mechanical-acoustic system structure of the microphone. For example, the rear part of the pressure microphone is opened-small hole, which forms a composite microphone.



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