What Is Coloration?

- Jul 16, 2018-

Coloration is a subjective vocabulary used in the audio field to evaluate tone distortion or anomalies. Usually we say that an audio device has a certain degree of coloration, in fact, the sound of this device is not particularly pure, or a bit abnormal. In general, the coloring of sound is mainly caused by the equipment that passes through, and more layers are colored by one piece of equipment. For example, different microphones will produce different colors for the same sound, which is why we will consider the type and coloration of the microphone when purchasing the microphone. By the same token, other devices on the audio chain will also colorize the sound to varying degrees. It is precisely because of the different coloring provided by these different devices that a variety of colorful sound palettes are formed, which provides us with a wide space for audio creation and audio production.



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