What Is Coaxial Audio Interface?

- Jul 18, 2018-

The standard for coaxial audio interface is SPDIF (Sony / Philips Digital InterFace), which was jointly developed by Sony and Philips. Coaxial is used on the back panel of audio-visual equipment to provide digital audio signal transmission. . Its connectors are divided into RCA and BNC. The digital coaxial interface uses a coaxial cable with an impedance of 75 Ω as the transmission medium. The advantage is that the impedance is constant, the transmission frequency band is wide, and the quality coaxial cable has a bandwidth of several hundred megahertz. The standard connector of the coaxial digital transmission line uses a BNC head with an impedance of 75Ω. It is matched with a 75Ω coaxial cable to ensure constant impedance and ensure correct signal transmission. That is to say, in the transmission of the wire, it should be a 75 ohm coaxial wire suitable for transmitting high frequency digital signals as a collocation standard.



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