What Is Cinema DSP?

- Jul 02, 2018-

Cinema DSP is a sound processor that produces the effects of a surround sound home theater system. It is composed of main speakers left, right, center, bass, front left and right, and rear left and right speakers (7.1) to reproduce the sound system. The stereo effect, realism and expressiveness of the sound reach a very high level of certainty. There are currently several sound field modes:

(1) Du logic surrounds. The encoded 2-channel signal is converted into a 4-channel signal by decoding, and the sound separation, directivity, and movement of the sound between different channels are greatly improved after the sound field processing.

(2) Dolby Pro Logic/Enhanced Mode (35mm cinema surround mode). It reproduces sounds and feelings that can only be heard in a 35mm movie theater. After Dolby Pro-Logic encoding, it enters the digital sound field processing circuit (DSP) for enhanced processing. The processed signal has a good surround effect.

(3) 70mm cinema surround mode. The signal is processed first by the Dolby Pro Logic Decoder and then fed to the DSP processor's mode. Compared with the 35mm film mode, the sound image localization is more accurate, and after the sound field is extended, the three-dimensional space feels excellent and the sound quality is improved.

(4) Concert mode. The signal is first processed by the directivity enhancement circuit, and then processed by the digital sound field, and the music effect is good.

(5) TV drama mode. To provide listeners with a vivid three-dimensional sound image system with high definition and depth.



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