What Is Bone Conduction?

- Jun 22, 2018-

Bone conduction is also called the skull effect. The sound waves are not transmitted to the inner ear through the outer ear and middle ear, but are directly transmitted from the skull vibration to the inner ear. This conduction pathway is bone conduction. The vibration of the skull can be directly caused by vibration, and can also be caused by extremely strong sound pressure levels cause sound waves. In addition, body tissues and skeletal structures can transmit vibrations to other parts of the body to the skull. Usually when the sound pressure level of sound waves in the air exceeds 60 dB above the hearing threshold of the air conduction pathway, it can be heard by the bone conduction pathway. Therefore, sometimes the noise prevention earphone cannot completely isolate the external sound. The characteristics of sound transmitted through bone conduction are: poor sound quality and low sensitivity.



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