What Is Bluetooth Technology?

- Jul 18, 2018-

Bluetooth technology is a wireless transmission technology based on 2.4G carrier and Bluetooth communication protocol. Each Bluetooth device can maintain up to 7 connections at the same time. Each device can be configured to constantly declare its presence to nearby devices in order to establish a connection. It is also possible to password protect the connection between the two devices to prevent them from being received by other devices. With an effective transmission distance of 33 feet (10 m), it is a short-range wireless communication technology. In fact, according to established standards, Bluetooth can support more powerful long-distance communication to form a wireless LAN. Bluetooth wireless technology is now the market-leading short-range wireless technology, with miniaturized radio, low power, no transmitter; good confidentiality, which is determined by the frequency characteristics of 2.4G, is not easy to cause frequency hopping, harmonics Eavesdropping; low cost, solid, easy to use and instant networking. The disadvantage is that Bluetooth is susceptible to radio interference at 2.4 GHz, especially between wireless LANs. To this end, Bluetooth technology has specially designed a fast acknowledgment and frequency hopping scheme to ensure the link is stable; the amount of transmitted data is small, only about 1 M / s, even if it is a two-channel Bluetooth headset that claims to listen to music design. The high and low frequencies are severely compressed, and the reserved IF portion is only capable of voice calls; the use of Bluetooth technology requires a royalty fee.



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