What Is Beat Loop Sync?

- Jul 25, 2018-

This is a special feature of some Roland synthesizers that allow the sampled Beat Loop speed to be synchronized with the MIDI sequencer.

You may often use the Beat Loop as the basic rhythm, and then mix the music with MIDI. However, since the Beat Loop is usually a recorded (sampling) incoming rhythm sound, the speed has been fixed. If you want to change the speed of the music, the Beat Loop can't change the speed as easily as MIDI music. In general, to change the speed of the Beat Loop, you have to modify the pitch at the same time (the pitch will change as the speed of the sampled sound is changed), and it may take up quite a lot of time and try until you get the correct speed and pitch.

The Beat Loop Sync function allows you to set the desired speed on the MIDI sequencer without having to make cumbersome calculations and attempts. It automatically synchronizes the Beat Loop's speed with the MIDI sequencer and also helps you figure it out the pitch. This way, you can complete your music work more efficiently and easily.



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